SIT Korea welcomes you!

Thank you for your interest and support. Modest and humble,
we are dedicated to constant growth and development.

In modern society, the importance of life quality improvement, providing convenience, mutual communication,
and information exchange are cannot be overemphasized. And they require the new convergence
technologies and products. With the expertise and experience accumulated over the years, SIT KOREA will continue
research and the expansion of future growth infrastructure, including RFID and USN technology development,
and strive to provide its customers with outstanding products and quality.

In recent years, as the resources, environment, and wireless recognition technology have become more important,
we have provided total solutions for various core technologies such as electronic money, logistics management and
security systems through continuous research and development, developing and supplying products for recycling,
as well as casino card/game table systems using RFID technology.

We are determined to use our core expertise and new technologies to manufacture ever-improving products that
will make our customers happy.

Here at SIT Korea, we strongly believe that all our achievements have been made possible thanks to the support of
our customers. Therefore, we promise to continue developing, manufacturing and supplying outstanding products,
and to become a model company through ethical management.

SIT Korea’s Team