RFID cards and tags

125 KHz (LF) 13.56 MHz (HF) 850~950 MHz (UHF)
Tokens / Keyfobs ABS Tokens ABS keyfobs Rubber keyfobs
PVC keyfobs
(0.8-1.6mm thickness)
Epoxy PVC keyfobs Mobile accessory keyfobs
Wristband / Watch Wristband
(one time use)
Watchbands Rubber silicon wristband
Elastic wristbands – Multiple style to choose
Cards Contact / contactless cards Seoul Metro

-Single journey ticket
- Durable use
- Ultrathin
(0.46mm thickness)
- Replacement of Magnetic cards
Dual – Interface Cards Ultrathin cards
Rewritable card
-Visual communication
Railway transportation Cruise boarding pass Membership
Paper ticket
- sports game
- F1 ticket
Paper Tickets Fanfold Tickets Fanfold Tickets
Labels Labels CD/DVD Labels Video Labels
Labels in sheet from Antenna type

- Copper etch
- Aluminum etch
- Copper wire coil
- Silver ink
UHF Labels
Inlays Prelam PET inlays Air coll inlays UHF inlays
Tags PET tags Mold injection tags Cobie tie tags
HF/UHF ABS tags FR4 tags Animal tags