01. Tag and card production

  • ① RFID tags

    RFID is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling within the radio frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum portion to identify objects, animals or people. The advantage of RFID is that it does not require direct contact with or exposure to specific areas to scan them.

  • ② IC cards

    IC chips are built into the surface of the cards. They are divided into simple memory cards and a smart cards depending on the presence or absence of a microprocessor. Depending on the the external interface method, they are divided into contact and non-contact type (RF) cards. They have excellent durability, stability, security, and large memory capacity. They are widely used in the financial field. Recently, they are being increasingly used as identification and prepaid cards particularly for middle and low price products.

02. RFID devices and systems

  • ① RFID tags

    As a device that communicates with tags to use their information and transfers the information collected from tags to the back-end system, it has high recognition speed, recognition rate and processing speed. Various kinds of readers are being developed and produced including fixed, integrated, portable or for animals.

  • ② Card counter

    This counter uses an optical scanner to count cards, reducing the burden of counting cards by hand when large numbers are produced. With a built-in Li-ion battery, it can be moved from place to place. The count value is displayed correctly on the LCD regardless of the user's hand (left or right). A separate charger is provided to continue using when the battery is discharged.


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